Playlist Aired 12/01/2021

Too Many Notes Intro

Pennants - Steve Howe

L'apparell Doux - The Boot Lagoon

Arzo - Francois Thallot

Out-Bloody-Rageous Part 1 - Soft Machine

Intergalactic Relations - Kaidi Tatham

Ibby It Is - Happy the Man

Steaming Pipes - Happy the Man
Steaming Pipes is the last cut on side one of the vinyl album.

Fraguglie - Ske

Flow and Fusion - Thurídur Jónsdóttir

Fly and Colision of the Comas Sola - Tangerine Dream

Raum - Tangerine Dream
I stumbled on to this track on Bandcamp, but for some reason, it's tricky to find. It doesn't show up easily in searches on the site. It is brand new pre-release, so maybe that's why. It's quite fab. Be on the lookout.

Close to the Edge - Yes

Personal Access Token - Nick Malkin

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