Journal (the word 'blog' makes me think of barf)

A Misheard Lyric

Blue Öyster Cult is one of those bands that, in my youth, I thought was ... ok. As a dyed-in-the-wool prog rocker, they just weren't quite notey enough for me. I can still, however, whistle/hum most of the guitar solo…

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Wanna be a Rebel? Study, Think, Make Stuff.

We were in the midst of our seasonal rearranging of furniture, and I recovered a copy of the May 2019 edition of Harper's that Jess picked up from the library's pre-read-magazine-exchange-box thingy. It had slipped down between the wall and…

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Rosie's Sound Art in GarageBand

Rosalind has been working with GarageBand for a while now. She discovered it on the iPad a couple of years ago, and started by messing around with the sampler. She got a kick out of playing her voice samples on…

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