Too Many Notes!

"Too Many Notes!" is my radio program on KNCE 93.5 FM, out of Taos NM. I'm on the air on alternate Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm, Mountain Time in the U.S., and on the web at This page is where I publish playlists and notes from the show. Because notes matter.

Too Many Notes! Intro.

Christopher Molla - Composer, Culture Worker

This is how the show starts. The music is "Tumeni Notes" by the Steve Morse Band, and the speech is excerpted from the 1984 film "Amadeus"

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Playlist Aired 12/29/2021 

Too Many Notes Intro

Daytona - De Loriens

Magso - De Loriens

Amelia Earhart - The Muffins

What's the Big Idea - Manna/Mirage

Four Etudes for Orchestra - Igor Stravinsky (Pierre Boulez) On this album, Boulez conducts the Orchestre National De La R.T.F. (RTF stands for radiodiffusion television Francais) in Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps and the Four Etudes. This is still my favorite recording of the Rite of Spring. Boulez just made it rock more, in my opinon.

Jigsaw Variations (live) - Mats/Morgen Band

The Trench - Granite Hands

Nepeta Cataria - Flairck

Capricorn Concerto - Samuel Barber

Lunar - Sungazer

No Turn Unstoned - Shpongle

Eighty-Eight - Monobody

Sylphina - Monobody

Playlist Aired 12/01/2021 

Too Many Notes Intro

Pennants - Steve Howe

L'apparell Doux - The Boot Lagoon

Arzo - Francois Thallot

Out-Bloody-Rageous Part 1 - Soft Machine

Intergalactic Relations - Kaidi Tatham

Ibby It Is - Happy the Man

Steaming Pipes - Happy the Man
Steaming Pipes is the last cut on side one of the vinyl album.

Fraguglie - Ske

Flow and Fusion - Thurídur Jónsdóttir

Fly and Colision of the Comas Sola - Tangerine Dream

Raum - Tangerine Dream
I stumbled on to this track on Bandcamp, but for some reason, it's tricky to find. It doesn't show up easily in searches on the site. It is brand new pre-release, so maybe that's why. It's quite fab. Be on the lookout.

Close to the Edge - Yes

Personal Access Token - Nick Malkin

Playlist Aired 11/17/2021 

Too Many Notes Intro

Tumeni Notes - Steve Morse Band

Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo

Shakey Jake - Emily Francis Trio

Charles and Thee - Cecil Taylor (From In Flourescence)

Symphony #3 "Gloria" - Glenn Branca

Holster - Beth Custer

Fall of the Imperialist - Beth Custer

Rest Ego - Candice Pacheco

Moname Diname - DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Tangerine and Yello - Sarah La Puerta

Nani, veline e castigliani - MOOGG

Spinning My Wheels - Small Birds of Sound A world premier, from our forthcoming album, "Skywriting"

From Afar - Joseph Schwantner (Sharon Isbin, guitar soloist)

Threshold - Sungazer (with Adam Neely) Check out Mr. Neely's YouTube channel for cool, thoughtful (and quite watchable) videos on music theory - particularly as it relates to jazz - music cognition, and related topics. As a matter of fact, he did one in which he discusses this tune.

Osaka - Athletic Progression

Aliens Alive/Wakidoo/Crusade/Wild Winter - Annbjørg Lien

Annelli - Papiro

Playlist aired 06/02/2021 

1. Too Many Notes Intro

2. Muzzling Unwashed, Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl Artlessly Falling (2020) 

3. Spirit Splitter, Mary Halvorson Octet Away With You, (2016)

4. Flaneur, Plini, Sunhead (2018) 

5. I’ll Tell You Someday, Plini, Impulse Voices (2020) 

6. Aequora, Maria Huld Marken Sigfúsdóttir, Recurrence, The Iceland Symphony Orchestra (2017)

7. Amygdala, Henry Cow, Legend (Leg End)  (1973)

8. Beautiful as the Moon, Terrible as an Army with Banners, Henry Cow, In Praise of Learning  (1975)

9. Woke Up Aghast, Ikue Mori, Hex Kitchen (1993)

10. Viridissima Virga, Garmarna,  Hildegard Von Bingen  (2001)

11. Annbørg, Hawktail, Formations (2020)

12. Knepphaling, Annbørg Lien, Aliens Alive (2002)

13. Back in NYC, Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

14. Carpet Crawlers, Genesis,The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

15. Eighty-Eight, Monobody, Comma (2021)

16. Sylpina, Monobody, Comma (2021)

17. Discipline, King Crimson, Discipline (1981)