Too Many Notes!

"Too Many Notes!" is my radio program on KNCE 93.5 FM, out of Taos NM. I'm on the air on alternate Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm, Mountain Time in the U.S., and on the web at This page is where I publish playlists and notes from the show. Because notes matter.

Too Many Notes! Intro.

Christopher Molla - Composer, Culture Worker

This is how the show starts. The music is "Tumeni Notes" by the Steve Morse Band, and the speech is excerpted from the 1984 film "Amadeus"

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Playlist aired 06/02/2021 

1. Too Many Notes Intro

2. Muzzling Unwashed, Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl Artlessly Falling (2020) 

3. Spirit Splitter, Mary Halvorson Octet Away With You, (2016)

4. Flaneur, Plini, Sunhead (2018) 

5. I’ll Tell You Someday, Plini, Impulse Voices (2020) 

6. Aequora, Maria Huld Marken Sigfúsdóttir, Recurrence, The Iceland Symphony Orchestra (2017)

7. Amygdala, Henry Cow, Legend (Leg End)  (1973)

8. Beautiful as the Moon, Terrible as an Army with Banners, Henry Cow, In Praise of Learning  (1975)

9. Woke Up Aghast, Ikue Mori, Hex Kitchen (1993)

10. Viridissima Virga, Garmarna,  Hildegard Von Bingen  (2001)

11. Annbørg, Hawktail, Formations (2020)

12. Knepphaling, Annbørg Lien, Aliens Alive (2002)

13. Back in NYC, Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

14. Carpet Crawlers, Genesis,The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

15. Eighty-Eight, Monobody, Comma (2021)

16. Sylpina, Monobody, Comma (2021)

17. Discipline, King Crimson, Discipline (1981)